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How to apply for training

  • When applying for the online training, the instructor will contact you sequentially.
  • Training will be conducted virtually using a smartphone or a computer.
  • When the schedule is confirmed, you will receive a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation at your registered email address.
  • For first-time users, please install the Microsoft Teams application in advance. (Instructions on installing and accessing the application will be provided separately)
    * Please check the Narsha & EOBridge compatibility in advance.
    How to check: Click 'Compatible device' at the top-right on the EOPatch Online Learning Center website.

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Relationship to user
Diabetes type
Insulin prescription

* If you do not have experience using insulin for therapy, you must consult your healthcare provider and receive prior training before receiving the EOPatch training. We only provides services on how to use our products.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) use
Additional requests
* Please indicate the controller you would like to learn how to use, either the ADM(portable remote controller) or Narsha(smartphone app controller).
If you would like to use Narsha, please indicate the smartphone model you are using.
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