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Product Overview

The EOPatch is a one-time use, disposable insulin patch-pump that supports Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII).
It allows a more convenient and comfortable blood glucose management by continuously and subcutaneously delivering insulin.

※ Caution : This product is a ‘medical device.' Please read the ‘Precautions for use’ and ‘Instructions for use’ carefully before using the product.

Product Description

Items Specification
Overview BF type medial device, disposable, waterproof (IPx8: 1m deep 24h)
Size 49.5 x 39 x 14.5 (mm)
Weight 29.4g (without insulin)
Alarm type Audible (Piezo buzzer)
Reservoir Min. 80 ~ Max. 200U (2ml)
Cannula Soft cannula, insertion depth 4.75mm (vertical)
Expiration date 14 months
Use time 84 hours